2022 Scholarship Information



The Applications process for the year 2022 is open! The Application Deadline is midnight May 31, 2022!

Apply Now for One of Ten $1,000 Scholar ships

To be eligible to compete in Local 919’s 2022 scholarship awards competition, you must be a member or child of a member of our Union in good standing, in accordance with the provisions of Local 919 and UFCW By-Laws.

This means a member must be in good standing with all dues fully paid at the time scholar-ship recipients are announced.

All applicants must be full-time students and must plan to attend college on a full-time basis. Students who plan to graduate from high school in February or June of 2022 may compete in the program.  If you are currently enrolled in a College or University, please submit your most recent college transcripts.

Eligible applicants will compete for one of 10 awards, each of which is worth $1,000 and is payable in one payment to an accredited college or university upon receipt of a copy of the bill. The $1,000 scholarship grant is payable prior to the beginning of the fall college semester and goes directly to the college.

To enter the Local 919 competition, an eligible member or dependent of a member should fill out the application and mail it as soon as possible to the Local 919 Scholarship Selections Committee, 6 Hyde Road, Farmington, Connecticut 06032-2802.

Winners will be selected solely on the basis of their individual scholastic achievement as provided by official transcript of grades in high school or college, and by performance on recognized national scholastic aptitude tests or similar tests, and other criteria the judges may choose to apply.

No application will be considered unless it is filled out completely and in every detail.

The final selection of the scholarship winners is in the hands of a Scholarship Awards Committee composed of distinguished educators who serve as impartial judges and whose decisions are final and binding.

In order to receive a scholarship award, each winner must provide the Scholarship Awards Committee with official certification of acceptance to school and enrollment or attendance at an accredited institution of higher learning.

As soon as Local 919 has received this verification from the institution of higher learning, the Union will forward the $1,000 award to each college.

Failure to enroll and attend college constitutes disqualification. In such case, the scholarship applicant next in line with respect to scholarship standing and achievement will be selected to fill the existing vacancy.

Important Reminder

Applications for the year 2022 scholarship awards should be sent in as soon as possible and all necessary documents requested from applicants by the Committee must be in the hands of the Committee no later than midnight, May 31, 2022.