About Us


President and Secretary-Treasurer, respectively, of Local 919 – the Executive Officers of our Union – serve the membership in all phases of the Union’s activities, and are responsible for the many benefits and services outlined here.


The heart-beat of Local 919 is the Executive Office, where President and Secretary- Treasurer assisted by the Executive Board and a competent staff of qualified personnel – direct the affairs and activities of the Local Union. It is in the Executive Office that research for negotiations takes place, filing of contracts, grievances, correspondence and many other details required in the daily operation of your Union are administered. The Executive Office and every other department of Local 919 stands ready to serve you, the members, in every possible way.


Any change which might affect your records at Local 919 – such as a change of address or marital status – should be reported immediately to the General Office. If you are leaving the industry or transferring to another area, be sure to request a withdrawal card so that you may remain in good standing and avoid pay­ment of another initiation fee at a future date.

Contact Us At
Within Connecticut: 1-800-842-2215
Outside Connecticut: 1-800-243-2014