Pension Plan

As a current or future plan participant of the UFCW Local 919 Pension Fund, another important benefit that has been negotiated for you is the Pension plan. This Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of both Labor and Management representation, and complies with the guidelines of the ERISA Act of 1974. Under this plan, both full-time and part-time members are eligible to receive a negotiated defined benefit . Upon retirement, these benefits are paid in addition to Social Security or any other retirement benefits that a member may be entitled to receive.

Since the Pension plan is extremely complex and is governed by specific eligibility requirements and guidelines, please contact the Benefits Office at the telephone numbers listed below with specific questions regarding your Pension benefit.

Insurance and Pension Departments:
Food Stores: 860-677-8118
Within Connecticut: 1-800-842-2214
Outside Connecticut: 1-800-243-2014