Business Reps

Your Business Representative

To better serve our 8,000 members, UFCW Local 919 employs a large staff of Business Representatives.

Your Local Business Representative has many responsibilities to the members he or she serves. Among the most important is the responsibility to enforce your Union contract to the fullest extent in order to protect every member’s rights under the contract and within the law.

Every Business Representative has received extensive training in contract interpretation, before he or she enters the field.

A Local 919 Business Representative must always be fair, yet forceful, must have patience, yet must move quickly when conditions need correcting. He or she must always be respectful towards those he or she is serving as well as towards representatives of the company.

During regular servicing visits to your store, your Local 919 Business Representative will often call upon Shop Stewards to review important Union business and to help check on working conditions in your store and other Union matters brought to his or her attention. Union members will look to both of you to work together.

Gathering the best possible account of the facts will be a joint effort for both the Shop Steward and the Business Representative, but it is important to remember that it will be the Business Representative’s sole responsibility to handle the grievances after the facts have been gathered and reviewed.