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From Your Connecticut State AFL-CIO

Support a fair budget that works for all of us!

A state budget is a statement of values, principles and priorities. A budget that cuts aid to families while not asking for any new taxes from wealthy corporations is not only wrong, it threatens our future and the quality of life for everyone.

We have a big ($5 billion!) budget deficit that needs to be tackled. But the governor’s and legislative leaders’ proposals to close the budget gap rely too heavily upon the sacrifices of working families and threaten Connecticut’s quality of life. Proposed budget cuts to funding for PreK-12 and higher education, worker training, child care subsidies and tax credits for the working poor and more will hurt and cause long-term pain. It could also shift state burdens onto cities and towns, resulting in higher property taxes. And, on top of all these sacrifices, Republican leaders want to end collective bargaining for public employees.

Contact your legislator and let them know that we need a CT budget that works for all of us including our families, children, students, and seniors. Connecticut needs to invest in quality PreK-12 public schools in all communities, invest in workforce development, work to attract and keep small businesses, and adjust taxes so the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.

For too long, the state budget has been balanced on the backs of middle class families. Enough is enough. We need to act now to make sure legislative leaders hear us loud and clear.

Click here to send a message to your legislator urging them to support a fair state budget that does not solely rely on cuts to middle class workers and the state’s most vulnerable.