A grievance is a complaint raised by an employee which may be resolved by procedures provided for in a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), your Union Contract. Such a grievance may arise from a violation of a collective bargaining agreement, the terms of a contract, the treatment by others in the workplace, or violations of the law, such as workplace safety regulations.

A grievance procedure provides a hierarchical structure for presenting and settling workplace disputes processed and enforced for you by your Union Representative.

In the event that a problem should arise, the employee may take up this problem with his/her Shop Steward or his/her Union Business Agent for adjustment. No employee shall be discriminated against because of union activity. If the employee feels that his/her problem has not been solved to his/her satisfaction and he/she desires to make a grievance, the grievance shall be dealt with appropriately.

* No e-mail of grievances will be accepted. Grievances will only be accepted via letter, phone or Business Agent contact. *

Grievance Department
Within Connecticut. : 1-800-842-2215
Outside Connecticut: 1-800-243-2014