As a progressive leader in our industry, Local 919 is dedicated to service and is proud of the wide range of services and benefits provided to our membership. As a result of our successful collective bargaining, Local 919’s full-time and part-time members whom qualify, enjoy extensive health related benefits administered by the Health and Welfare Fund. This Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of both Labor and Management representation, and complies with the guidelines of the ERISA Act of 1974.

If your particular Collective Bargaining Agreement dictates, the Fund offers comprehensive Medical and Dental programs, Vision Care plan, Prescription Drug plan, as well as Life and Disability insurance coverage. All members must meet the eligibility requirements in order to receive these benefits.

For information concerning specific benefits or eligibility requirements, please contact the Health & Welfare Office at the telephone numbers listed below:

Insurance and Pension Departments:
Food Stores: 860-677-8118
Non-Food Stores: 860-677-8671
Within Connecticut: 1-800-842-2214
Outside Connecticut: 1-800-243-2014